Do I need to try on a pair of Jordans before I buy them?

I wear a size 8 in boys so I’m checking if I should just order them. What do you think?

  1. letmehighfiveyoforehead answered: yesssss ,
  2. fuckyeahchicksinkicks answered: yes some designs run smaller or bigger for example 3’s run really big while 6 or 11s can run small
  3. steelogrillz answered: I THINK YOU DNT NEED TO TRY..
  4. stogesbrosandhoes answered: yes
  5. mrniceguyyy answered: no unless yu rele rele wana make suurre they fit yu :) haha
  6. mikaelvargas answered: if u kno ur size then ur guud dont need to try them on
  7. rita07 answered: yeahh yu should cus sometimes the sneakers come too big or small
  8. butfxckittho answered: yea because every sneaker has its own unique fit.
  9. midwildliferager answered: if you never wore that brand of sneaker before you should always try them on.
  10. the-alcoholic-jezus answered: yes try them on cuz some shoes fit small and some fit big
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